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Early Childhood Education

Are you willing to expand your career in teaching and carving the minds of tiny tots and support them with their diverse needs?

If so, grab the opportunity and reserve your seats in the Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

This course welcomes you to the world of early education, which is having engrossed demand. Under this program, the learner would get a chance to learn about working closely with young children. The whole curriculum is designed in such a way of imparting education with Australian Context. With its growing demand, it is going to be one of the most ravishing and rewarding career goals in the respective country.

Benefits of studying the above-mentioned program:

  • This Graduate Diploma is of limited tenure, i.e. 1-year.
  • There is no specialized educational background obligation.
  • A one-year Graduate diploma with a degree would open doors to the teaching career and leadership roles in the same field.
  • It would deliver you the firm foundation of all the mandatory skills, principles and disciplines required in practising early childhood education.

There are different procedures for both Assessment criteria and for Admission. Let’s have a look at their respective criteria.


Academic requirement

  • A Bachelorette degree from any educational background is acceptable.

Language ability requirements

  • One must have overall 6.5 bands in IELTS but not less than 6.0 bands in any of the modules.

Note: Language ability requirements may vary from institute to institute.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA UNDER AITSL (Australian Institute for teaching and school leadership)

Academic requirements

  • A Bachelorette degree from any educational background is acceptable.

Language ability requirements

  • One must have Overall 8.0 bands in IELTS with 7.0 bands in both Writing and Reading and 8.0 bands for both Speaking and Listening.

Important Point to Remember:

No other English test is acceptable other than IELTS for Assessment. The IELTS  test scores must appear on a single  IELTS  TRF  and result from a test undertaken 24 months before applying.  

Competitive Advantage: If one is bagged with a bachelorette degree in  Australia,  Canada,  the Republic of  Ireland,  New  Zealand,  the United  Kingdom or the United  States of  America at the university level, and do this one-year Graduate Diploma then there is no need for IELTS to keep assessing for Early childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher.


  • AITSL  does  not  assess  short  courses  (less than one year full-time study), professional development  programs  or  incomplete qualifications.
  • AITSL reserves  the  right  to ask  an applicant  to  undertake the Academic  version of  the IELTS  test  if  there is  uncertainty  about  their  level  of  English  language  proficiency.

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