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Counselling is the process of talking about the issues that you face to a professional so that they can guide you through it. Career counselling is similar as it involves talking to a professional advisor regarding your career options that are available to you in the future.

Saga Studies is purely aimed at providing career counselling service for students in Amritsar. We help students to figure out what they need to achieve through their education and help them make choices regarding their careers. Our professional career counselling team has dealt with a number of students and helped them with the resources and information that they need to make those big decisions in their lives.

At Saga Studies, we are well aware of the kind of pressure that a student could succumb to in making their various choices. Our career counselling services is not about making decisions for the student. We believe in providing them with the right advice and guidance, while showing them the different paths that they can choose to successfully attain their career goals.

What Do We Ascertain Through Career Counselling?

The career counselling services that we provide at Saga Studies is perfect for a wide range of individuals in Punjab. You can be a school student, college freshman, or even a working professional, we are ready to offer you all and any help that you need to find the career

At Saga Studies, we believe that career development is a process that is constantly evolving. We recommend anyone who is confused about their choices or decision-making process to visit our professional career counselling team. We follow certain procedures to gain better knowledge about the mental block and academic obstacles that you could be facing.

Career Preference of the Student – We start our assessment by first trying to know more about what the student is aiming for. We have seen many students who are forced to follow conventions and they succumb to a lot of unnecessary pressure while making career choices. This is not an assumption that we make. We also deal with working professionals who come to us seeking a new path for their careers as they are unhappy with their current one. They tell us about how they ended up making their decisions and often, we have seen that those choices were forced on them.

Strengths and Weaknesses – After understanding their concerns and issues, we run certain tests. We conduct Psychometric Career Assessment for both students and professionals. We also evaluate their aptitude and IQ based on certain simple tests. Our career counsellors take note about their interests, behaviour, and demeanour to get an idea about which career paths could be most suitable for them.

Chart the Right Pathway – Once we manage to get some idea about what sort of career choices the student can target, our career counsellors chalk out a strategy for them. This strategy that we design consists of the various courses that they can take which institutions they can join and what kind of qualifications they would require to keep progressing.

Local Talent with a Global Vision – Given our reputation in Amritsar for being a global career counsellor, the team at Saga Studies also helps students in staying aboard. We help them choose the right destination and institutes where they can carve out their career paths successfully. We are certified education partners with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other sought-after international education hubs across the world.

Why Choose Us for Career Counselling in Amritsar?

There are many career counsellors in Punjab. But if you are looking for a team of global career counsellors in Amritsar, then Saga Studies is your destination that can kick start your journey towards a successful and rewarding career. We offer career guidance for students and professionals in Amritsar and have been doing it for almost two decades. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now on +91-183-5061333 or book an appointment with us online and find your true calling.



We operate our council in that manner which gives a commitment to clients with highest standard of honesty and ethics.



We are very much indulged in the work excellence, we perform and fully satisfy our customers, we serve.



We provide prompt, multiple and wide range of services to customers from all over the world in a personalized manner.



We look forward to work with you which helps us to achieve our goals to be a top class customer oriented company for studying abroad and best immigration industry in the world.



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We value our client. We are not the business of wasting our client's time & money.



In our field and community, we strive to gain the impact we have been through participation and philanthropy, in our world so that we could lessen the impact of our counsel at business practice which leads to the environmental problems.



We consistently exploring latest information about the programs, we operate and provide professional opportunity to our counselors for growth. Our counselors transparently shared all the learning with our clients.



We are a team that is a progressive having positive attitude and dynamic.


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