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Is New Zealand the country you choose to study abroad? If you are planning to study in New Zealand, then you will need a student visa for New Zealand.

SAGA Studies in Amritsar is here to explain all the legal formalities that you will go through in this process. We will be your pillar of support throughout your student visa application process. If your course is for less than three months, a temporary visa would suffice. We have listed a few criteria you will need to fulfil before you go further:

Advantages of Receiving a Student Visa for New Zealand

If you hold a student visa in New Zealand, your life will be hassle-free as you will be eligible for part-time work permits as long as you are studying in the country. You will also be eligible for full-time work during the holidays.

Permission to Work in New Zealand

SAGA Studies, Amritsar is here to explain the crux of the legal formalities of your work permit in New Zealand. Criteria to work as a part-time employee for 20 hours a week includes you should be in a full-time course for two academic years, be a part of an exchange scheme for one year or have points under the skilled migrant category. You can work as a full-time employee during Christmas and New Year holidays.

Conditions to Apply for a Student Visa

We have listed a few conditions which you must achieve before you can officially proceed with the visa application process. The important and initial condition is to have received the acceptance letter from the educational institution in New Zealand to which you have applied. Next is the evidence to support that you are capable to cover your own travel, living, and tuition expense. You need to have NZ$20,000 which is approx Rs 10,63,027 per year. Proof of your onward travel and medical check-up is also mandatory conditions for applying for a student visa in New Zealand.

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SAGA Studies in Amritsar provides you with all the assistance you need from the beginning till you leave to New Zealand for studies. Contact us Saga Studies to know the procedure to get your student visa for New Zealand.

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