Canada Spouse Visa


Canada Spouse Visa Consultancy Service in Amritsar

Saga Studies has helped many couples from Punjab, especially in Amritsar, to unite with their better halves in Canada. We have provided Canada Spouse Visa for spouses and partners who have been sponsored by an eligible person. The process can be tricky, but we have had a good success rate in getting Canada Spouse Visas approved.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

The criteria to be eligible for a Canada Spouse Visa are quite simple. To be a valid candidate, your spouse or partner needs to fall under any one of the three categories. In all three categories the spouse or partner can be of the opposite or same sex.

What Are the Requirements for Canada Spouse Visa?

Spouse Visa for Canada has some requirements that need to be shown and signed by both the sponsor and the one being sponsored. They are as follows:

Who Can Sponsor for the Spouse in Canada?

As you have now realised, the rules for spouse visa in Canada are strict. But one main rule for Canada Spouse Visa that can never be ignored is the sponsorship clause attached to it. Not anyone and everyone in Canada can offer sponsorship for a spouse or a partner. There are some set criteria that the sponsor must fulfil to qualify.

You must be at least 18 years old and must be Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. This rule is necessary to apply for a Canada Spouse Visa or even to apply for a dependent visa in Canada.

Besides this, the sponsor also must comply with various other sets of rules like:

Canada PR Sponsorship Types

Though Canada Spouse Visa is practically considered as a PR or a Permanent Residency visa, there are many other ways in which other eligible individuals can be sponsored. Even if the person being sponsored is not their spouse, as long as the relationship is recognised and satisfies the norms of family relationships under the Canadian Immigration law, the said individual will be eligible for a PR.

But the fundamentals here remain the same. The sponsorship has to come from a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is at least 18 years of age.

Other than spouse or partner, here’s a list of types of family members that Canada permits its citizens and permanent residents to sponsor.