Fees And Living Expenses

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Fees And Living Expenses in New Zealand for International Students Are as below


NZ $15000 to $18,000 for 1 year (2 Semester) Tuition fees.*Depends up on program selected

Student must have to pay full 1 Year tuition fee in After AIP Letter of VISA.

Process Time: 15 to 20 days for visa process normally (as per the new checklist its 5-8 weeks)

Applying under FTS Category:

Proof of funds: The aim of the Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS) is to help facilitate the processing of applications for students who want to go to New Zealand to study for 12 months or more.

Students are required to have up to NZ$15,000 for each calendar year that they are studying in NZ. Due to the savings habits, and financial arrangements in some student markets, potential applicants may have difficulty in demonstrating the need to evidence this mandatory requirement. For these clients, the ANZ FTS is an option that they may consider along with other supporting documents to demonstrate that they can meet the funds requirement as per the student visa instructions. Under this option the student has to transfer NZ $ 15000 into the ANZ BANK after getting visa. Opting for the FTS scheme in isolation does not mean the source of funds does not need to be explained. Details to demonstrate source and stability of funds will also need to be provided.

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