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What's the NZ Green List?

New Zealand identified a pressing need for skilled professionals and created the Green List—a roster of occupations urgently needing global talent due to local shortages.

Why Choose a Green List Career?

Choosing a Green List career not only opens up expedited visa processing and prioritization but also sets a clear path to permanent residency in New Zealand. Whether you’re eyeing a straight-to-residence role or leveraging work-to-residence opportunities, these high-demand professions span sectors from healthcare to engineering, ensuring your skills contribute directly to New Zealand’s growing needs.

Unlocking Green List Opportunities:

The Straight-to-Residence Pathway

The Work to Residence Pathway

After a person has spent two years working in one of the following roles, eligible migrants can apply for residency.

Green List and Your Education:

Aiming for a Green List career? Your academic pursuit in New Zealand not only positions you for a high-demand role but also qualifies you for post-study work rights, propelling you toward permanent residency. To qualify, your study must align with Green List needs, ranging from tertiary degrees to specific vocational qualifications.

Your Guide to Applying:

Application Insights:

Starting September 2023, work-to-residence visas are up for grabs, with straight-to-residence options already in motion. Navigate your application online via a ‘RealMe’ account, submitting necessary documents like IELTS scores, health proofs, and employment offers.

Embark on Your NZ Journey with Saga Studies:

Let Saga Studies be your compass to a Green List career and a future in New Zealand. From selecting the right qualification to navigating the application maze, we’re here to turn your New Zealand dream into reality. Ready to start? Reach out today and let’s make your Green List aspirations come to life in the land of the long white cloud.

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