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Importance of Statement of purpose (SOP) – Complete Guide

The Statement of purpose (SOP) is an introductory personal statement that students use to present their profile. A student jots down his ambition, aim, and goals through the statement of purpose for visa application.

In the statement, students highlight their general interests and display their thoughts before the authorities. Moreover, the students try to express their intentions to the Immigration Officers through the document.

Students who struggle to write their statement of purpose wonder about the document’s relevance. In addition to that, the question that arises is how it will affect their application.

In the process, many of them come across different forms of the statement of purpose, making the whole process cumbersome.

Thereafter, students who opt to apply for overseas student visas become curious about why the statement of purpose is important.

Through the blog, we aim to help you understand the importance of SOP.

Importance of Statement of Purpose

The idea of composing the written statement is to describe the motivation before the authorities. Students put a lot of effort while computing their applications.

Throughout each phase of the application, they ensure that they do not lack in any domain. The statement here elaborates the motivation and the dedication with which the students attempt to deliver their best.

Ahead, an SOP is essential to understand the mindset and aspirations of the applicant who has applied for a student visa. Usually, the letter contains the student’s details, which reflect upon his academic achievements, family background, financial stability, and prospects.

In addition, they depict the fundamental reasoning for selecting a particular course that shall be helpful in their career path. On the whole, the document is a written form detailing the passions and interests of the students.

Likewise, the objective of SOP is to express the perseverance of the student who aims to accomplish his education overseas. The personal statement depicts the hard work and the firmness with which the student perceives his surroundings.

Thus, the information helps justify the student’s motivation to advance in his career path through international exposure. Once the students have portrayed their ambitions, desires, and goals, the authorities check the student’s worthiness.

Moreover, the genuineness of the student is described through the statement of intent. Furthermore, based on the statement of purpose, the student visa application is approved by the authorities.

In essence, the document expressively MAP, i.e., Motivation, Aspiration and Perseverance, a student’s personality. In any event, if you are jotting down your statement of purpose, here is a quick tip that shall help you portray your dreams.

Quick Tip:

When writing out your statement of purpose, avoid plagiarism, .i.e. keep it original. However, the students should not be intimidated by the content. Additionally, keep things clear and straightforward.


The importance of the statement of purpose is often overlooked where applicants fail to portray their ideas. Therefore, the document is as essential as any other document in the student visa application. Hope this blog, helped you understand the importance of an SOP.

In the end, we wish you all the best for your future endeavors. However, in case you are struggling with your overseas application, feel free to contact Saga Studies. For further details visit our official website.

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