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Last-minute Tips to crack PTE Exam

Studying overseas has become a fashion and trend these days. To prove English Proficiency, one has to undergo several exams. PTE is one of them. We can understand your fear of cracking an exam. Calm Down! We are here with some practical tips to gear you up and be of great assistance for your PTE Preparation.

Let’s begin with some basic and useful PTE Exam Tips, which you ought to be aware of:-

  • It is obvious that every candidate gets nervous a day before an exam. Meditation is a piece of precious advice that I would like to suggest to you guys for your PTE Preparation. It will soothe your heart and mind. Undoubtedly, it will enhance your performance, too. So, get set and go for it.
  • Set your schedule and give proper time in your practicing sessions. Adding to this, go through various modules and solve the trick questions. Just practice it naturally. It will help you to improve your English ability efficiently.
  • Don’t be overconfident. Oscar Wilde rightly acclaims it, “Confidence is good, but overconfidence sinks the ship.” Don’t develop a lax attitude as it doesn’t lead you anywhere. Be confident and attentive for your PTE Exam.
  • Try to communicate in English and put emphasis on reading Blogs, Newspapers, columns etc. As a result, it will upgrade your knowledge. Adding to this, it will improve your writing, speaking, and reading skills.
  • You already have to go through multiple tests to enhance your performance. Utilize your time in lightening up your mood a day before the exam.
  • Carry your Passport (ID Proof), which is quite mandatory. No need to carry stationary as the exam will be executed online.
  • Reach your test center a bit early in order to avoid any hustle and bustle. Use washroom earlier. Don’t leave your seat in 10 minutes break.
  • Don’t rush. Kindly have a revision of your essay before submitting it.
  • Don’t be lethargic! Be attentive! Take care of your timer as it will help you to complete your exam efficiently.

Overview of PTE Exam

Speaking Section

  1. There is no need to fret in your Speaking section. You have to be quick and instant while thinking and speaking.
  2. Your voice should be clear and audible. (TIP: drink lukewarm water before your exam and go for gargles so that your throat is clear).
  3. Be confident and give correct answers to every question.
  4. Carry normal pace while speaking, don’t be too loud or too soft while speaking. Be very spontaneous during your speaking.
  5. Don’t take a pause for more than 3 secs while attempting speaking. Carry on without taking any stress and don’t panic.
  6. Brush up your speaking skills and learn the correct pronunciation of difficult words. Thus, master yourself in the speaking module.

Writing Section

  1. You must be proficient in Time Management and should be quick in your typing speed. Keep this adage in mind that “Time and Tide wait for none.”
  2. You must be aware that a word limit for an essay should be 200-300 and in the Summary question, it should be 05-75 words. Be vigilant! Don’t lose your marks.

Reading Section

  1. In the reading section, your time is limited to 32-41 minutes, where you have to answer all the questions carefully.
  2. Certain questions contain partial credit score. It is a little bit daunting, but you should be careful and give good thought before answering.
  3. This module also analyzes your grammar skills. Be equipped with various rules of tenses. You should have a good grasp over your vocabulary.

Listening Section

  1. As I have already mentioned that meditation will help you to a large extent. It will also help you during your listening section by concentrating while listening.
  2. This section is very scoring. You just have to be very attentive to the audio as you cannot replay it.
  3. This section contains 45-57 minutes where you have to answer carefully after listening. You will be provided with an academic notepad and pen. Make the best use of it.

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