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Why should Students choose Canada for Study Abroad?

Nowadays, Canada is becoming popular among students for getting a Canadian study visa. They get quality of education at affordable tuition fees and degrees that are recognized worldwide. Adding to this, Canada stands out as a famed country among overseas students due to the quality education, immense post-study work, and immigration opportunity.

Coming up next are the reasons why Canada could be an extraordinary decision.

1. Internationally Recognized Degrees

Canadian Universities have a reputation and a great history in terms of high graduate employability rate and academic performance. Besides, its higher education institutions compete with famous and leading universities from the UK and U.S. Also, Canada is well known for its research-intensive universities. 

Following are the top-ranked Canadian Universities:

The University of Toronto.

McGill University

University of British Columbia

University of Montreal

2. Affordable Education and Living

Most of the time, the expense is the first and foremost obstacle for international students who want to study in Canada. But, if you combine the average cost of living and average annual tuition fees, then Canada is straightforwardly the most affordable option compared to other top destinations to study overseas.

3. The Lifestyle of the Campus

Involvement in cultural events/parties and studies not only aids the students in concentrating on acquiring an education and helps to mingle with multicultural people in the universities. These events also act as a stress buster and give a physical workout to the body.

Moreover, pupils have a chance to stand out of the crowd with their talents, both country-wise and university-wise, whenever they participate in extracurricular activities.

4. Tranquil and Secure

Throughout the world, Canada is listed as the sixth peaceful country in the year 2018, according to the Global Peace Index. Government and university play a significant role regarding the safety of learners inside the university plus across the country.

To protect students, from health care to security and necessary measures will be taken. Besides, Canada gives inexpensive medical insurance in almost every hospital.

5. Earn while you Learn

Overseas students have several job opportunities, both on and off-campus, which help them to meet their expenses; while gaining valuable work experience. These job opportunities offer good remuneration too. There is one thing for which pupils have to alter enough is associated with their job selection so that it does not put any extra burden on them.

6. Benefits of Migrating to Canada

Learners get a canadian study visa along with work authorization. Similarly, learners can work here for two years after finishing their graduation, while after completion of one year of their education; they can apply for permanent residents in Canada. Besides, innumerable opportunities are also there as they can serve part-time or can also check out for the possibilities of scholarship, which are highly advantageous. 

Options related to the study provided by Canadian Universities:

These days, international students like to enroll in:


Environmental sciences

Social Sciences


Engineering and Technology


7. Marvelous Ambience

The most delightful indigenous habitats also are in Canada. Also, 7 percent of the country is covered by lakes and rivers, and the most scenic spots to visit are Lake Louise in Alberta, the fascinating Rockies, Niagara Falls in Ontario, and Whistler Mountain in British Columbia.

Students here will be fortunate enough to acknowledge the lovely natural landscapes that they can explore throughout the country’s four distinct seasons.

Why should Students choose Canada for Study Abroad?


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