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Best Tips for Successful Australian Study Visa Application

Planning for acquiring Australian Education?
Many Indian students are planning to uplift their level of knowledge from Australia. It is a magnificent country that is quite famed and renowned among international students for high teaching standards and first-class education. The Australian government is supreme in rendering amazing benefits and services to international students. Study in Australia is a great decision for students to tread on a rosy path for their glorious future.

If we talk about why Australia is the best study destination, then the list is boundless. Before sailing your journey for study Visa to pursue your dreams of international edification, you must be mindful of the Australian study visa ( Subclass 500) application requirements.

  • Check Your Eligibility
  • Select Your Course and Institution vigilantly
  • Don’t get late in your Health Insurance
  • Compile all your necessary document
  • Detailed and Realistic SOP

1. Check Your Eligibility

Before starting your application process, you must be crystal clear regarding your future perspectives and goals. If you are determined to study at an international level, then go through some vital requirements. Some of them are:

English Proficiency

To survive in a foreign land, one must be proficient enough in Spoken English. You should have a strong grip in a writing session. There are several English Proficiency Test, namely IELTS, PTE, OET etc., according to the course requirement.

Academic Requirement

Every Education provider has different Academic requirements to gain entry into a course. So, you have to make sure that you should research the criteria before selecting the intended course.

Financial stability

It is one of the important steps for Visa Application. You have to prove your financial capacity to the Australian Government to ensure that you can afford your stay and education in Australia.

2. Select Your Course and Institution vigilantly

As we know that every education provider has its own culture and different study environment. So, you should go through their campus details and select that particular education provider that will meet your interest and needs. Don’t select your intended course in a hurry; analyze your interest and passion. Accordingly, choose your career that will yield you greater benefits in the future.

3. Don’t get late in your Health Insurance

Health is, above all, get your Health Insurance to apply for a visa. It is best to do this insurance early to avoid any rush or delay in your application process.

4. Compile all your necessary document

Australia’s Government is regulated and Trusted in terms of education and other aspects too. They go through details of documents to check an applicant’s genuineness. You have to put together a handy list of documents that incorporate English proficiency tests, Academic Proofs, Financial records, and many more. Gather all your documents together before starting your application process.

5. Detailed and Realistic SOP

SOP stands for Statement of Purpose, where you have to write about your genuine intention of studying in Australia. It is a part of admission and GTE (Genuine Temporary Requirement) also.

In SOP, you have to inform the officer why you choose the particular course, which factors influenced your mind to study abroad instead of your home country. Apart from this, mention the factors that drive you to study in Australia and incentives to return to India.

This application should be realistic, where your intention can be seen clearly. It should be well-written and thoughtful, which clearly reflect your thoughts and desire in the form of words.

Give a Final touch

Be careful and go through your complete application and rectify your mistakes, if any. Make sure that you have answered accurately in your application forms and provide genuine proofs.

You have to create an account using DIBP’s online Application System – ImmiAccount. Afterwards, you have to submit your Australian Study Visa Application and check the visa status through this account.

Study in Australia is not an easy task; it is a little bit challenging and daunting. Don’t Worry! Saga Studies, the best Study visa consultants in Amritsar will help you from beginning to the end of your application process in the best possible manner.

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