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What is the Cost of Studying in Australia for Indian students?

Australia, a place full of wanderlust nature, welcomes students from all over the world. It has become a highly desirable study destination. Instead of getting settled in the family business, our youth has become more ambitious and prefer quality education to attain a promising future.

With a motive to become independent, many people are flocking overseas. As we can see, the outlook of the coming generation has altered to a great extent. The trend of abroad education has been accelerating with the passage of time.

Out of numerous study destinations, opting for Australia is a wise decision. Studying in Australia will make you more competent in every aspect.

This beautiful country has a lot to offer. Not a quality education, but its beautiful scenery soothes one’s heart and soul. Here, excellent education will elevate your calibre and boost up your future prospects. Australian Degree has gained Global Academic Recognition. Undoubtedly, it will enhance your CV and also add charm to your personality. Here courses are industry-oriented and yield the best platform to polish your skills.

When we made up our mind to study abroad, one question definitely arises: What is the cost of studying in Australia? You don’t have to worry! We know that it is quite a big investment, but you can fulfill your dream of abroad education within your budget with a wise decision. We will make you aware of the cost of studying in Australia through this blog.

Before sailing your journey abroad, check your financial capability. Hence, a student has to bear various expenses, including accommodation charges, travel expenses, health insurance, embassy fee, miscellaneous expenses, and the cost of study.

Visa Cost

Talking about studying cost, it entirely depends upon the level of study, specialization and of-course, an education provider. After choosing your intended educational institute, apply to that particular education provider and receive your Confirmation of Enrollment.

Following the COE, apply for a Student Visa ( subclass 500). The embassy fee for this visa is AUD $620.

Insurance Cover Cost

The student also has to take Health Insurance coverage, called Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). Its duration should cover your study tenure. This insurance is of great help to offset the International Student burden. The average cost of OSHC (per annum) per student is approx AUD $500.

Top Health Insurance Cover

  • NIB: AUD 479
  • BUPA: AUD 517
  • MEDI BANK: AUD 516
  • AHM: AUD 478
  • CBHS: AUD 452

Tuition Cost

As we have mentioned earlier, tuition fees vary entirely on the disciplines we opt for and, of course, your education provider. Here, the specialization in Information Technology, Medicine, Health, and Engineering are over-priced as compared to others. Moving ahead, PG course fees are higher than the UG level.

The Tuition Fees in Australia are AUD $12000 to AUD $40000 approx. per year, depending upon the level of your study. You can also offset your burden of tuition fees by availing the Opportunity of Scholarship. In addition, you can be granted a scholarship of 10%- 35% depending upon the profile.

Accommodation Cost

You have a variety of choices in Accommodation in Australia. You can either go on-campus or off-campus. If we talk about on-campus, it includes food also. Its setup is quite costly for students. Moreover, most students go off-campus, where they have a variety to choose from, starting from hostels, home-stays, or apartments. Details of types of accommodations in Australia are as follow:

  • Shared Rental Accommodation: approx AUD 85 to AUD 215 per week
  • Home-stays: approx AUD 235 to AUD 325 per week
  • University Accommodation: approx AUD 90 to AUD 280
  • Rental Accommodation: approx AUD 165 to AUD 440 per week

Living Expenses

The lifestyle of Australia is of excellent quality. If you are looking forward to off-campus, you have to buy your grocery items, which cost you approx AUD $80 to AUD $100 per week. While calculating your living expenses, don’t forget to include Electricity expenses, traveling, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses too. In other words, the living cost for an international student is AUD 21,041 per annum.

Travelling Expenses

The cost of transportation is quite affordable for an international student. Students have a wider choice to select from different transportation modes such as bus, ferry, train, etc. Talking about its cost, it completely varies from city to city. The average traveling expense for a student is approx. AUD 2000 per annum.

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