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What are Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements?

The GTE requirements (Genuine Temporary Entrant) are a set of information that a visa applicant who wishes to study in Australia needs to provide in the form of a personal statement to the Australian High Commission. The information provided includes several parameters through which the authorities note whether the applicant is genuine or not. As a result, the applicant must ensure that he/she gives authentic information.

Education Background

The statement is a document in which you try to present yourself and your realness to the authorities. First and foremost, specify your educational background if you want to apply for a student visa in Australia. The GTE requirements must include data regarding the stated parameters:

  • Academic achievements that you have gained so far,
  • Gap years (if any), along with the reason justifying the gap year.
  • Current employment and previous employment history.
  • Inclusive of the employer’s name, period of employment, salary income, and the position under which you have been working.

Under the GTE requirements, you must provide evidence in the form of certificates to show your authenticity. The documents that are considered proof are the 10th certificate, 12th certificate, Graduation degree certificate, and experience certificate (if any).

The GTE requirements include your language proficiency in English to assure the authorities that you won’t face difficulties communicating there. In general, if you have had any gap in your education, you must mention a valid reason for that so that the authorities know that you are sincere and honest.

Country of Residence

The history of a place describes the authenticity of the area and helps build an understanding. Moving ahead, mention your home country’s current status to get a clear vision of your purpose of visit. The necessary details that you must state are:

  • Financial stability in the country: assets and liabilities
  • List of people depending on you (if any)
  • Political or civil unrest
  • Military service commitments in your country of residence.

Why choosing to study in Australia; why not in home country?

Stepping forward, you must mention the course you wish to study in Australia. Under this step, you specify why you have chosen a particular path and how the approach benefits you.

Under this, you display broad details about the course on the parameters, which are as follows:

  • Different courses available in Australia concerning your field,
  • A course that fits in your budget,
  • Chosen university details: rankings and recognitions,
  • The outcome of the course,
  • Modules of the course, etc.

Furthermore, in the GTE you must also specify why you aren’t pursuing the same course from your respective country and how studying in Australia benefits you. Nonetheless, the program you select should be relevant to your previous education. Conducting thorough research about the program, you wish to enroll yourself in, lays down the base of your purpose of studying in Australia.

The purpose is to highlight the gain that you shall receive after the completion of your education. The objective of giving these details is to show that your only intention to enter the country is to gain knowledge. You must provide appropriate evidence about the details mentioned.

Once you complete your education in Australia, the future aspects in your home country are mentioned with broad emphasis. Through this, the intention of the statement becomes more transparent and more distinct.

Why are GTE requirements essential?

The idea is to convince them that you wish to study in Australia and will not live there permanently. On mentioning the course you want to learn in Australia, the next step is specifying the city you want to live in.

Under the GTE requirements, the motivation to choose that city is mentioned briefly. You must also mention the expenses and how you will meet those expenses while staying in Australia. The purpose is to assure the authorities that you won’t face difficulties while staying there.

While mentioning your immigration status, you should also mention your visa application history (if applied earlier). Mentioning the details of any prior visa refusals is considered mandatory.

Followed by that, you must ensure that you provide the visa authorities with the necessary documents as evidence. A bond of trust is built through all the details that you provide to the immigration authorities. As a result, your application becomes stronger and more attractive.


Towards the end, you need to mention a personal declaration. Through the personal declaration, you try to state that all the evidence and information given by you are original. Moreover, the goal of displaying the GTE requirements is to help establish that your purpose in the country is only to avail education from Australia.

Above all, always remember to be honest while filing for a visa application. The authenticity of your file is what shall make it the most attractive. It is, therefore, a very important document that will represent your genuine intentions to go to the country for doing studies only.

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